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Please note this tour has been cancelled. Refunds available from point of purchase. A statement from the band:

Matt here. I hope all you guys are doing great. I'm super sorry we've been so quiet on the socials for the last couple of weeks - I (we) hate being out of touch with you guys, I know it sucks, but unfortunately there's a concrete reason behind it which I'm going to explain to you now. It is with the greatest sadness, that we need to cancel the November UK tour. I know this REALLY sucks. There is nothing that I hate more than letting people down, especially you guys who are the reason we're able to do this in the first place - and cancelling shows has never been something that we've made a habit of - but this time it is unavoidable and is something we need to do. I've explained why in full below, and I'm SO SORRY to everyone who's bought tickets for these shows, plane/train tickets, hotels, travel plans, anything. Below is the explanation, so please read it. Tickets will be refunded at point of purchase. Again, I'm truly sorry to let you down dudes.

Around November 2017 one of the discs between two of the vertebrae at the bottom of my spine prolapsed, meaning it kind of partially exploded out of where it should be and ended where it absolutely shouldn't be, which was pressing itself pretty dramatically into the left side my spinal nerve. Then it happened a second time the day after Reading festival this year. I don't why it suddenly happened, but it did and I wish it hadn't. If it prolapses again, then I could be really f***ed.

I guess it's just unlucky, but I'm sure hunching over a guitar since I was 9 years old and touring relentlessly since I was like 20 hasn't helped a whole bunch. To fix it I just have to work at my physical recovery and not be dumb about it, considering that the last relapse was in August (after Reading) - barely 3 months ago. That is why, considering all of this, and not wanting to jeopardise the future of me/us playing shows to continue to grow this band - we need to cancel this tour. I hope you guys can understand where we're coming from. Any problems with the refund process, we'll help you through the best we can.

Aside from that we'll keep you posted and see you at the next one. Everything with the new record is feeling great and we're really excited about what's on the horizon. There are BIG things coming so please stay tuned.
With love and power. M X

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