Norma Jean Martine UK London shows 2017 There's something about Norma Jean Martine that's caught between two worlds. She lives in London but her American accent indicates she's not from round these parts. Her voice possesses guts that might have you guessing she's substantially beyond her 24 years, and her life experience rivals someone twice her age. Today she'll talk and gas and take countless conversational tangents like a Stevie Nicks or a Tom Jones but her head isn't up in the clouds. Norma Jean was raised in Middletown, New York, an hour from the city, by a father who was a small business owner in the automotive industry and a nurse mother. “I was an only child, so I'd come home from school and I was alone. That bred creativity.” The last American export bearing the name Norma Jean changed hers' to sound like more of a star, but this young upstart's magnetism speaks for itself. Really, they don't make 'em like this too often.

Norma Jean Martine (Unplugged)