School Of Language The new School of Language release is called Old Fears and it’s set for release on Memphis Industries in April 2014. 

Old Fears is a pop record. A place of clipped falsetto, melancholic funk, iridescent electro, shimmering post-punk, futurist prog. A self-contained sphere of strange sensations. Beguiling textures. Lengthening shadows.Here each song has been honed and polished into something pure, like a vast block of marble chiselled down into a perfectly tiny delicate egg of Fabergé-esque perfection. Recorded throughout 2013 in Field Music’s studio on the banks of the River Wear in Sunderland, synth flourishes sit alongside the staccato jarring guitars of ‘A Smile Cracks’ and the metronomic rhythms of ‘Dress Up’.

Whilst the album is David Brewis at his least collaborative, the School of Language live band features David on lead vocals and guitar, his brother Peter on drums and percussion, Field Music alumnus Andrew Lowther on bass, Andrew Mitchell of the Hazey Janes on guitar and David "Jaff" Craig of The Futureheads on synth.

School of Language are set to play a string of UK dates including a stop-off at The Lexington in London.

School Of Language