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Football Clichés Live



Jul 2022


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How many words are there for the act of scoring a goal? Why does football love the words "adjudge" and "aplomb" when nobody else still uses them? What's the greatest sound the game has ever produced? How can we decode the body language of a Premier League footballer? Why does Frank Lampard answer questions like that?

The Football Clichés podcast, created and presented by Adam Hurrey, was launched by The Athletic in 2020 to decipher, once and for all, the tiny patterns and mannerisms that are vital to modern football's existence. It's a show about the language of the game, from words and phrases to gestures and crowd noises, and all the things you didn't realise you cared about but - trust us - you do.

For the very first time, Football Clichés will be taking to the stage in a live venue, featuring all the usual microscopic pseudoanalysis of the podcast but with an extra visual dimension. Join the Clichés panel of Adam Hurrey, Charlie Eccleshare and David Walker for a voyage into modern football's many idiosyncrasies.