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East of Eden

East of Eden



Mar 2024




Apr 2024


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After a year and a half of gigs following his first album "Everything Matters", CLÉMENT BAZIN decided to take what was supposed to be a short break, to get back to composing slowly. Then the covid appeared 3 months later !

Confined, forced to stay within 4 walls, it's in this context that Clément slowly began composing a new album. 2 years and 2 collaborative EPs were also released in the meantime !

So, naturally, with this new album entitled "Believe in Spring", Clément Bazin underlines the hope that has kept us all going : as soon as spring arrives, we'll be able to go out again.

Clément offers listeners instrumental music that takes its time to unfold : rich in melody and harmony, soaring and heady, creating a dialogue between acoustic and electronic instruments.

The steel-drum is the common thread : a backdrop and a nod to the bigger-than-life side, the response to life's crushing forces, the need to burst and forget limits.

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