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Joe Purdy 2020 twitter

Joe Purdy



Apr 2020


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The internationally acclaimed folk artist, Joe Purdy, has released fourteen albums since leaving his home state of Arkansas. His songs have turned up on numerous TV shows and film soundtracks.

In recent years, the self-described “hillbilly” has come to see the world and his role in it somewhat differently. His views chart the direction on his most recent album, "Who Will Be Next?" which is deeply rooted in the tradition of Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs and others as a searing commentary of our turbulent times. Purdy’s determination to honor the giants of American Folk music while applying his formidable skills as a storyteller reveal Joe as a compassionate observer and participant in our times.

Purdy’s new album will be released in the Spring of 2020.