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Apr 2024



Like a warm embrace - that's how it feels to immerse oneself in Beharie's musical universe. Deeply rooted in an indie/soul expression with a singer-songwriter lyrical style, Beharie conveys a rawness that dares to be both vulnerable and assertive. This combination has garnered dedicated fans and critically acclaimed reviews across borders.

This year, his debut album finally arrives. 'Are You There, Boy?' will be released on October 20, 2023. The project is a soulful, musical journey with stories of a complex character, who is longing for true connections. The album delves into various facets of Beharie's life, beautifully expressed through 12 compelling tracks that weave together captivating narratives of identity, queer love, self-assurance, vulnerabilities, and the poignant experience of loneliness. Among these tracks, you'll find the mesmerizing singles "Deadly," "Heaven," "Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?" and other equally enchanting compositions.

Beharie has achieved significant recognition for his music so far in his career. He won the Spellemann award for his second EP, 'Beharie // Beharie', and was also nominated for the same award for his third EP, 'Beharie, the Third'. Critics in Norway, his home country, were delighted with the last reblease, which received glowing reviews from the biggest media outlets like VG, GAFFA, Aftenbladet, and Aftenposten. The collective media corps in Norway declared Beharie as the new star of indie soul/R&B.

Beharie continues to explore new and exciting horizons with his ability to express emotions through a warm, soulful, and timeless sound. In 2023, he will take the world on an epic musical journey with the release of his highly anticipated debut album, 'Are You There, Boy?' and with his live performances.

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