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Since her breakthrough in 2016, Dagny Norvoll Sandvik from Tromsø has established herself as one of the country's biggest artists: her songs have been streamed over one billion times across all platforms, concerts have been held in sold-out arenas in Norway as well as in major European cities, and the more than two million monthly listeners on Spotify attest to an artist who belongs naturally in her time, and who is also capable of sonically capturing it with a unique sound, through smart pop hooks, big choruses, and songs that stick.

In 2020, she released the debut album "Strangers/Lovers", which was described by Aftenposten as "some of the finest modern pop music in 2020. Not only in Norway, but globally as well." Something the world also seemed to agree with: major, influential publications such as The Guardian, Billboard, Nylon, and BBC Music all embraced "Strangers/Lovers"; the latter, for example, described it as "one of 2020's most convincing debuts."

Most indications suggest that the coming years will be eventful for her: during the summer she will perform at more than 10 festivals, in addition to supporting Sting and Olly Murs in the UK, where she will also appear at The Mighty Hoopla festival in London. Before her biggest concert ever in Oslo Spektrum this autumn, she is preparing for a major European tour in 2024.

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