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Apr 2024




London: Omeara


Dotan has always used music as a form of expression, a method to uncover the feelings tucked away into the corners of his mind. A songwriter with humble beginnings, he cut his musical teeth playing bars and living room shows to fund and promote his debut album a decade ago. The album, 7 Layers, was a deeply personal journey that told the story of a young man, struggling to discover himself. This record went on to become one of the best-selling albums in the Netherlands and amassed international success spanning Europe and North America, which led Dotan on a journey around the world and catapulted his career. 

His latest release, titled Diamonds In My Chest, marks the return to his roots with a strong folk sound composed with his acoustic guitar in hand. The anthem was created on a road trip through the California desert and Dotan describes the song as, “a journey to discover your true self.” His main goal, sonically, was to keep the music organic by using real instruments, played by real people and to avoid programmed sound. “I wanted to hear the guitar squeaks and the imperfections in the sound, to make it feel raw.

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