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Live and in the flesh for the first time in 2 and a half years, witness Max, Barry and a host of your regular Football Weekly favourites across the UK and Ireland.

Each show will feature the podcast’s unique take on the world of football - plus, audience interaction, special guests and at least 2 anecdotes you haven’t heard on the podcast before.

Much like the Super Bowl the real highlight in every previous Football Weekly live show is the halftime extravaganza. Unlike the Super Bowl our production budget for said extravaganza is around £250, but that hasn’t stopped Mark Langdon sampling butters from around the world, Barry Glendenning singing Call Me Maybe while being stalked by a drone or Steve Claridge eating industrial quantities of fruit in his parent’s kitchen.

A little more about the hosts:

Max Rushden

Despite moving to Australia, Max has been able to seamlessly continue hosting duties of Football Weekly with only a minor drop off in quality. He repeatedly assures bosses at the Guardian that his references will remain UK-centric so expect no mention of Stan Laziridis, Skippy or fairy bread.

Barry Glendenning

Death, taxes and Barry telling an all-too-revealing story on a Football Weekly live show. These are the only guarantees in life. Barry scrubs the soles of his feet every day, but never washes his hair. He lives in a state of constant irritation that Max stereotypes him as the pod ‘clown’ who no-one takes seriously. Barry cannot wait for this live tour, despite rejecting every idea proposed for it so far.




Jul 2022


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