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Michael Bisping, UFC Hall of Fame fighter and former Middleweight Champion will give his fans the opportunity to hear his incredible story in his own words with ‘An Evening With Michael Bisping: Tales From The Octagon’.

His journey has taken him from England’s North West through to the top of the MMA world, becoming the only British champion in UFC history. Alongside a burgeoning Hollywood movie career, the latest chapter in his life sees Michael host a hugely successful podcast, as well as commentating for ESPN, BT Sports and formerly Fox Sports. From fighting stories to life outside the ring, his unwavering drive and determination will make for an inspirational and entertaining evening for all UFC and sport fans alike.

Michael says: “After the success of my first one man show in Toronto in 2019, I am coming home to England so join me as I take you through the highs and lows of my fight career, sharing many unheard stories and insight into the fascinating sport of Mixed Martial Arts, which I expect will leave you laughing your head off while also being inspired to conceive, believe and achieve. From my early days of working in a slaughterhouse, living in my car and all the way up to winning the middleweight world title in the UFC to retiring nearly blind, I have quite the story to tell.”




Oct 2022


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