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Thu23May 2019
VENUE: The Dome
2A Dartmouth Park Hill, London NW5 1HL
mineral admat 0911 In 1997, after less than four years together, Mineral broke up. But while some bands simply fade away after calling it a day, that wasn’t the case for the Austin-based four-piece. In fact, it was quite the opposite – their legacy grew and grew. Not bad for a band who had just put out a handful of seven-inches and two studio albums, 1997’s debut The Power Of Failing and 1998’s posthumous EndSerenading.

But then, in 2014, something remarkable and unexpected happened. Mineral got back together – something they said they’d never do – and played a whole bunch of shows, first in the US and then in Europe, Japan and Australia. Not only did that mean audiences were finally able to hear songs from EndSerenading in a live setting for the first time, but the band were also playing large (and sold out) venues rather than DIY basement shows and enjoying the kind of success that – despite signing to a major label – they never experienced the first time around.

Now, on the 25th anniversary of the band’s existence, something else remarkable and unexpected has happened: for the first time in more than two decades, Mineral has written new music.