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It’s deeper than music for rising British pop band MIYA MIYA. The tight knit collective of four really see themselves as family, with music the obvious thread in their initial interactions as students.

Consisting of Gini, Jordan, James & Gio, the male & female fronted group thrive off a creative commitment to their artistry that’s unique in today’s industry - with a self-contained approach to writing, producing, mixing and visual content making. They’ve created a signature sound that’s both cinematic and nostalgic while sounding completely fresh - complemented with a visual output overtly dictated by each of them, to bring their sound to a new level.

They grew up listening to classic artists like Fleetwood Mac, Queen and Jeff Buckley, which has heavily influenced their style and creative output. This timeless sound, coupled with the influence of contemporary artists like HAIM and 1975, has given MIYA MIYA an exciting combination that blends intimate storytelling with an epic, larger than life pop sound.

With MIYA MIYA’s emergence as a highly promising pop outfit over the last year, latest single “Want You” looks set to cement their place on the cutting edge of British pop, with so much more left to offer audiences.

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