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The 2 Johnnies



Mar 2024


Back once again with the renegade masters…

One year on from their massive first London Show, The 2 Johnnies are back in London for an even bigger St. Patricks Eve party at EartH in Hackney, and this time they’re bringing the band.

Somewhere between a cultural phenomenon, your favourite aul fella sitting in the corner of the pub and a dodgy chipper that everyone loves, sits the world of The 2 Johnnies. From their weekly podcast, which has over 500k listeners a week, to their own festival (Craig David’s a special guest this year) the 2 Johnnies are a pair of sound lads and want you to have the craic with them in London for this Paddys Eve Party.

With a load of No. 1 singles in Ireland and millions of streams and views for songs like “Could Have Been County” , “Sinead” and “Small Town Heroes”, The 2 Johnnnies are bringing their live band ‘The Junior B All Stars’ and some very special guests to EartH in Hackney this March 16th.

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