Interview: Jayce Lewis

March 15, 2012

Jayce Lewis - Electric Medicine


Jayce Lewis has been wowing audiences all over the UK as he was on tour with Gary Numan, been slaying audiences for 50,000 in Russia & Asia. Now time to take his hard industrial sneer out in the big smoke with an exclusive rare slot down at London's Barfly.

We caught up with him to talk about his new video for Electric Medicine.

Hi Jayce so young lad sneaks up on Superpowered industrial badass?
Yeah pretty close, I wanted to mix Power & Innocence together in one video,  basically to capture the innocence of intrigue (being the boy), and controlling Manic/Power overuse.. yet although they are complete opposites they both have similarities.

I had Spielburgs E.T film in my head from day one of getting the whole thing together, boy on the push bike peddling along - and stressed from day one about tracking the movements (Steadicam in back of truck) - as the song is driven.

So you produced/directed and editied it with Drew Hamley,?
Drew is a great guy and wanted to get involved, He had access to a crew and more importantly the Red 1 camera which I jumped at, His story boarding of the video was incredible and got a great crew together, I been busting his balls about getting lots of Sweeps, tracking and movement in this video, filming with the Red 1 was frustrating at times as it took 45 mins to do a lens change in between each shot. I enjoy directing video's especially when you get a great crew on board, we're both pleased with its outcome. It was filmed on the Red 1 camera, had about 8 lens changes and tones of different lights.

Where did you shoot it?
We shot the whole thing in a quarry, Oak Regeneration gave me access to the whole site for 3 days. the building was where they serviced the huge quarry tipper lorries.