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Keyboard wizard Rick Wakeman has announced details of a special New Year virtual show, which will take place on Sunday 3 January 2021 at 8pm GMT and will be available for 72hrs On Demand. The show will be streamed around the world direct from Rick’s house and tickets are globally available now.

The online evening of live performance & laughter from Rick’s house will feature special guests Lee Pomeroy (of Yes featuring ARW fame) and Dave Colquhoun (current member of Rick’s band) and songs from his illustrious career.

In 2005 in a studio far, far away, (Norfolk), an elderly musician would broadcast and stream “Rick’s Plaice” to the world on Saturday Morning. Nobody really knew who he was, but a select few believed him to be the alter ego “Hands Solo” named after his exploits on the Mini Moog. Fraught with danger, he was constantly under attack from the owners of the planet known as “ROCK” for flying too close to the surface of decency and in 2010 was eventually banished to the galaxy known as “Grumpy” where, for the last 10 years, he has secretly plotted a return to the airwaves and now the time has come…

As Rick says, "I can’t wait for the ‘Rick’s Plaice’ New Year’s Special to be shown as for starters it will be an important guideline for me to know how much weight I need to lose in 2021! But more importantly, if you can have as much fun watching this show as we did making this quite unique New Year’s Special, which includes such gems as some truly unexpected choice of music as regards the live performances, the Antique Rock Road Show, a rather unique Mastermind plus a few other surprises, then 2021 could really start with a smile all round, which I think we all need!"

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