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Dylan Cartlidge

Dylan Cartlidge

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Dylan Cartlidge has announced dates in London and Manchester in November, which will follow the release of his upcoming debut album, Hope Above Adversity, on July 9th.

The gospel influence on Dylan’s music blends in alongside his bluesy hip hop beats and, while not a religious person himself, the music’s ability to act as a vessel for bigger ideas lends itself well to his directive-driven music. “I’m a big believer in delivering a message with your music,” Dylan says, “and gospel is the ultimate expression of that. There’s no greater time capsule.”

By looking to the past while also embracing the future, Dylan eventually found the path to creating a project that outstrips the one he grew up imagining. “It’s the story of hope above adversity, mental health awareness, poverty, abuse, post-traumatic growth and the people I have known who haven’t had the same opportunities in life,” Dylan explains of the mixtape’s themes. In many ways it’s a redemption story and acts as a message to anyone else on a similar journey to me.”