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From wallflower to gen Z icon: the rising of Azahriah is the ultimate 21st century success story. Not only his first show at the Puskás Arena (capacity: 45.000) was sold out in a day, but he had to add two more nights to the schedule! This is totally unprecedent in Hungarian music history: no Hungarian musician ever could make a full house here before him. And he made it three times, baby!

But if you don't believe the hype, check the numbers:
- he is Hungary's most streamed artist
- more than 700.000 Spotify listeners per month
- more than 300 million Spotify streams in 2023
- more than 360 million plays on YouTube
- more than 500.000 YouTube subscribers
- more than 250.000 Instagram followers

Packed with wise lyrics and catchy tunes, Azahriah's songs are always edgy and never fail to serve the audience with surprising and entertaining inspirations from trap to reggae, oldschool Hungarian classics to the cutting edge styles and genres.

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