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The twisted fantasy of two freaks of the new music scene in Buenos Aires picks up where it left off. Life after the Apocalypse holds a new opportunity for the deviant: new songs and a world tour, presenting the premiere of their psychotic adventure with the new sound of Argentina.

The end of the world has passed and there is nothing to worry about. The winner takes all: whatever comes is in God’s hands. That is the setting for Season II of CA7RIEL & Paco Amoroso: a zombie court of deautomated brains and insane bodies, a ritual of renewed senses after isolation, and the resumption of a secret plan to conquer the world in the midst of chaos.

For this second season, the duo played by Catriel Guerreiro and Ulises Guerriero shaped a series of new songs that precede the start of a global tour that will take their unbridled trances beyond their country’s borders for the first time. Behind the back of the world and in a secret mental monastery, the duo worked throughout 2021 on a musical Frankenstein, a new spawn of aesthetics for a new season that captures and builds upon the impact and adrenaline of its introduction in 2018. A new vehicle for the joint trip of CA7RIEL & Paco Amoroso—a new flight forward.

The songs of Season II will be the first by CA7RIEL and Paco Amoroso, after the live performances by EL DISKO and SAETA, the solo albums that each artist respectively released in 2021 and that were unanimously considered two of the best albums of the year by critics.

Two singles produced by Neekl open this new season, picking up from where CONO HIELO left off: a Mediterranean hallucination where seduction games are renewed after “an ice age.” Electrofunk, Drum & Bass, spiraling beats, and futuristic sambas are the essence of the new season: yesterday was an illusion, what counts is today.

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