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The only thing that remains constant in the world of Leprous is change. Formed in 2001 in Notodden, Norway, this most agile of modern bands were dedicated to finding their own path from the very start. Fizzing with inspiration from all points of the musical spectrum, their sound coalesced around a box-fresh strain of progressive metal that brimmed with virtuosity and revelled in meticulous songcraft. Over the last two decades, Leprous have firmly established themselves as heavyweights in the alternative and prog worlds. From the burgeoning ingenuity of debut album Tall Poppy Syndrome (2009) and its widely acclaimed follow-up Bilateral (2011), to more recent creations like the skewed, prog metal splurge of The Congregation (2015) and 2019’s downbeat but dazzling Pitfalls, everything the band have released has added fuel to the fire of their ambitions, while also converting an increasingly huge audience of admirers from all over the globe. 

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