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Richard Ashcroft



Jul 2024


Richard Ashcroft

+ Jamie Webster + Callum Beattie

London: Kew Gardens

Richard Ashcroft, a legendary figure in British music, will take center stage as the headline act at Kew The Music on Sunday 14th July 2024. With a career spanning over three decades, Ashcroft has established himself as a powerful singer-songwriter and an icon of the Britpop era.

Ashcroft first gained prominence as the lead vocalist of The Verve, a band that shot to international fame with their chart-topping hit "Bitter Sweet Symphony." Known for his distinctive voice and introspective lyrics, Ashcroft's solo career has also been met with critical acclaim. His solo albums, including the critically acclaimed "Alone with Everybody" and "These People," showcase his talent for crafting anthemic, emotionally charged songs. With his charismatic stage presence and ability to connect with audiences, Richard Ashcroft promises to deliver an unforgettable performance at Kew The Music.

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