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May 2024



+ Essence Martins

London: The Lower Third

It may be her debut EP, but Details marks a real coming-of-age moment for Tamzene. Across six tracks, each deeply introspective song takes on a topic from love and long-distance relationships to questions about race and identity in a social media age. Cut Me Out Your Photos is a poignant ode to heartbreak in its rawest form, Tamzene’s voice haunting as she muses on loneliness. But New Beginnings is its complete antithesis; a bright and softly rousing self-care anthem, fittingly written on a sunny day in East London. 

But Tamzene’s story starts about 600 miles north of London in Cromarty, the small town in the Scottish Highlands where the 24-year-old musician called home for the formative years of her life. “It was always cold, but beautiful, the Highlands are so wild and free” she says. 

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