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Brothers Moving is a Danish band with roots as street performers in New York City. The group is made by mixing genres and their musical styles, inspired by blues, funk, reggae, folk and early rock and roll. Upon their formation a street band, Brothers Moving has since developed into becoming a touring act, performing in venues and at festivals around the world. 

Brothers Moving’s self-titled debut-album was released in 2012. Their sophomore album, 'Autonomy', was released in 2018. Over the past years Brothers Moving has released several singles and EPs, including their rendition of Cab Calloway's 'Minnie The Moocher' as well as a live double-single titled 'Tea Room Sessions'. In 2022 the group released two EPs titled 'Choppin'' and 'Pickin''. The final EP to conclude an EP-trilogy goes by the name 'Strummin'' and was released on January 12th 2024. 



Oct 2024


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