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Birmingham & Glasgow - In Flames closing.
Manchester & London - Arch Enemy closing.

In Flames represent the best of metal’s past, present, and future. New Wave Of Swedish Death Metal architects and innovative purveyors of groove, hard rock, and melody, the band’s artistry, influence, and stature loom as large as the vibrant style’s horizons. The widely recognized titans boast an impressive and diverse catalog celebrated internationally. In Flames are as vital (and even more energized) today than when they unleashed classics like Come Clarity and Clayman in decades past.

Arch Enemy are incapable of making bad records, a point they hammer home with album number 11, the mighty ‘Deceivers’. Delivering a maelstrom of diamond-hard riffing wrapped around cinematic melodies, thunderous drumming and towering vocals, they are unstoppable and sound incredibly energized. Their third full-length with vocalist Alissa White-Gluz and second with guitarist Jeff Loomis, the Swedish extreme metal quintet are operating at the highest level, and ‘Deceivers’ easily stands toe-to-toe with the highlights of their storied catalogue.



Oct 2024




Oct 2024


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