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Champagne For Lulu

Champagne For Lulu

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The UK’s greatest female rock n roll legend Lulu announces she is extending her ‘Champagne for Lulu’ farewell tour after a sell-out run of dates.

Lulu performed eight spectacular live dates in April and is now preparing to take the show back out on the road one last time, reaching fans that couldn’t make it the first time. No cities will be repeated on Lulu’s farewell tour, making sure all of her fans get the opportunity to see her final show.

‘Champagne for Lulu’ is a massive celebration with Lulu as you’ve never seen her before, celebrating her turning 75 last year and 60 years since she stormed into the UK charts with her iconic hit ‘Shout’ and became a national treasure.

The show sees Lulu go beyond the bubbles, delivering the performance of a lifetime. Energetic, effervescent and emotional, this will be an experience to remember.

Transcending generations with a lifetime of global success, which boasts accolades including being a Eurovision winner, a Bond theme singer, releasing the biggest selling record in the US (‘To Sir With Love’, 1967), and one of the first ever pop artists to perform behind the Iron Curtain in Poland – not to mention receiving an OBE, opening the closing ceremony for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in her hometown of Glasgow, reaching number one with the biggest boyband since The Beatles, and still going strong as a captivating live entertainer. The UK proudly and ferociously heralds Lulu as one of our most precious pop icons – the glittering jewel in our entertainment cultural crown.

Lulu says: “60 years in the business! What an amazing journey it’s been, so many memories – wow! That’s why I’m going to make sure that my upcoming shows are a momentous celebration. And I promise to whip up one hell of a party, all the hits, my personal stories from behind the scenes, it’s gonna be the party of a lifetime!” Celebrate the legend that is Lulu at her 60th anniversary party on her farewell tour. Let’s get together and raise a glass of ‘Champagne for Lulu'!